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You know the products: Sitelock, Norton Security, Sucuri. All these great security products for protecting your website or your home computer from security vulnerabilities that can devastate your business.

But why are they so expensive?

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If you are still unsure, there is a free Sucuri website scan you can run on your website to make sure it is secure. If you’re concerned about your desktop security, one of the most useful software services you can get is actually free: Microsoft Security Essentials.

A Comprehensive Review of Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is a replacement of Microsoft’s Live OneCare antivirus service. MSE is a comprehensive malware protection tool that safeguards your system from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and adware. MSE is available for free for personal use on genuine Windows systems. It’s now offered also for small business customers. This article gives you a detailed review of this antivirus product.

System Requirements

Let’s take a look at the system requirements of Microsoft Security Essentials. The details have been retrieved from MSE official website.

Operating System: Genuine Windows XP – minimum SP 2 (Service Pack 2); Windows Vista (Gold and SP1 onwards); Windows 7, all editions.

Processor: Windows ­XP – 500 MHz or higher; Windows Vista and Windows 7 – 1GHz or higher.

Memory: Windows XP – 256 MB; Windows Vista and Windows 7 – 1GB.

Hard Disk Cost: 140 MB recommended.

Display: Minimum VGA with resolution of 800×600.

Browser: Minimum Internet Explorer 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox 2.0.

Installation & Features

If you have a genuine copy of any supported Windows operating system running on your computer, you can download and install MSE free of cost. The MSE installation package will validate your computer to see if you have a genuine copy of Windows before starting the installation process. The package only checks for a valid copy of Windows; it doesn’t collect any personal information from your system.

MSE replaces Windows Defender, which is already available in your system if it runs Windows Vista or Windows 7. Windows Defender gives protection against only spyware and adware. MSE is a complete malware protection package; hence, an upgrade is definitely worthwhile.

The installation package is surprisingly lightweight. It depends on the operating system you have and cannot be larger than 8MB.

MSE, once installed, runs from the system tray and downloads automatic updates of virus signatures three times a day. It updates its program components once a month. The program runs on minimum system resources and never consumes more than 50MB of your RAM, even while running scans. There are three essential features in MSE worth mentioning: CPU throttling, which makes MSE consume minimum of CPU power; idle-time scanning—MSE scans your system for viruses when it’s idle; and active memory swapping & smart caching—only essential virus signatures are loaded into your RAM.

MSE’s user interface is highly streamlined. Everything you need is in place and well organized. There is no question of confusion in using this program. When the system is safe from all threats, MSE’s interface is green, but when there is any threat, the interface color changes to red; the program displays you the details of the threat and the action to be taken.

Performance, an independent organization that tests IT security products, published its test ratings of MSE recently. It has given the following ratings for MSE in three test areas: Protection – 4.0; Repair – 4.5; Usability – 5.5. Based on these ratings, MSE is certified as a recommended security product. The detailed report of the tests conducted is available from website.

Out of WildList Organization International’s (world’s most trusted repository of virus information) WildList of 3,732 viruses, all were detected successfully by MSE. Out of’s set of 545,034 malwares, including viruses, worms, and Trojans, MSE was able to detect 98.44 per cent. In adware and spyware test, MSE scored 90.95 per cent. Also, MSE was able to identify and remove about 25 rootkit threats (programs by which hackers bypass user authentication on third-party systems).

Although MSE performed well above average in all these tests, has confirmed that dynamic malware protection is not available in MSE. Dynamic malware protection detects a threat based not only on virus signature, but also on the behavioral patterns of the program. It is an essential feature of some of the major security suites out there.


Microsoft Security Essentials is now used by over 30 million consumers. Recently, Microsoft released a preview version of MSE, MSE 2.0, with an updated antimalware engine, but version 1.0 is still regarded to be the stable one. As you can see, the program has been rated highly by most of the professional software reviewers. Also, since the program is available for free for most of the users, it’s definitely recommended to try it.